Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Did I Read It?

Facebook has a Virtual Bookshelf in which you can add books that you've read, that you're reading, or that you want to read. But I think Virtual Bookshelf should have an option for "Never Finished". Because you know there are books out there that start out with a great beginning, but fizzle out in the middle and you don't have any interest of finishing. Or there were books you started and decided to read more because you wanted to give it a chance. In either case, you never finish those books. I'm not sure what to do with one of the books that I've got on the Virtual Bookshelf that I've listed as I'm reading. Really, they should have a rating that's "Not Good Enough To Finish". Because I'm reading one of those right now. Do I just remove it? Consider it read? Eternally keep it as "Reading" even though there's no chance that I'll get to the end?

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