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IKEA Comes To Town

Oh yes, IKEA has finally come to my town and it opened yesterday.  I wasn't crazy enough to go opening day.  The news had people lining up to go in.  The line didn't look incredibly long, but I still wouldn't line up for an opening.  I've got better things to do even if they were giving things away for free.  I'm not too partial to free things.  I can't seem to throw them away because they're perfectly good, but perfectly useless.  Thankfully, Chris has no such compunction.  He lives a Spartan existence.

So we went the day after the opening.  Yes, I couldn't wait until the weekend.  And as it was, there were a lot of people there.  I went to look for a desk and came back with a chair.  A surprisingly comfortable chair.  I always have problems with chairs supporting my lower back.  This one did and didn't cost a fortune, so I snatched it up.  And it's a fancy pants red color too.

I have to measure my space to see which desk will fit.  I found a corner desk that I like with a right hand extension, but we think it might be too big, so we have to measure to make sure it won't be too bulky.  Luckily IKEA is all about small cramped spaces, so there will be a table to fit the space.  The only question is whether I'll like it.  But when you need function over form, there isn't too much you can do. 

Of course I bought some random things like dish towels ($0.49 each!) and a cheese slicer (for making grilled cheese on sliced sourdough. YUM!) and picture frames.  I refrained from picking up more things as I think I can only get away with buying in small quantities.  But since we have to go back for my desk anyway, I figure I'll pick up some more things when we go back in saaaaay three days or so. Oh yes, I do loves my IKEA.

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