Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

The Almost Dead Guppy

About a month ago, Joanne was looking at my fishtank. It's got a bunch of apple snails, 4 black skirt tetras, 2 bumblebee guppies, and the 2 infamous guppies that I did not buy. (The third one died a while ago. Don't ask me when as I hadn't noticed any dead bodies in the tank. Those fish are viscious carnivores.) She had thought one of my bumblebee guppies had died, so I brought over the magnetic algae scraper (which are totally ingenious as you never have to actually get an algae scraper in there. It's easy to use whenever you see algae, except when you get lazy and it's no longer strong enough to get more the tenacious algae.....which is also what happened to me. So I'll have to go in there with a real scrubber at some point and scrub the hard stuff.)

So Joanne thought that one of my fish was dead, so I moved the algae scraper near it and the goby moved. They like to just sit around on leaves and hang out. Then she discovered that one of the infamous guppies was floating upside down. And with a few pokes of the algae scraper, it did not move. But since I could see that it was still breathing, I let it be. Who am I to prematurely send it to its death? I figured I'd fish it out when the time finally came. Or the other fish ate it. So I checked it the next day and sure enough, it's not there anymore.

The damned thing was actually swimming around. So I checked it the next day and the day after that thinking that it was just a fluke. It'll totally bite it any day now. And I kept checking it until I gave up. Because you know what? It's still alive. And whenever I go near it, the thing wants food. Like all the time. Damned thing came back from the near dead. Don't ask me what was wrong with it. I have no idea. I'll probably have these guppies longer than any of the other fish. And I didn't even want them! They clash with everything else in the tank. Ah well. It's not like I wanted to replace them with other fish.

Until tomorrow people!

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