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When Chris' parents came to visit last week, Chris' dad brought him a little toy. It's a gun that catapults little pigs at you. It's horribly inaccurate, but it didn't keep the four of us (including his mother) from catapulting those hard little pink pigs all over the hotel room. I'm sure that the hotel staff found some pigs hidden behind the bed at some point.

So when we got home, I'd left the little pigs int he car, but Chris remembered to bring the pigapult gun. He continued to play with the gun as it had two components. One was the pig tray and the other was the launcher. Well, he played with it so much that the launcher part launched itself right off the gun. I tried to superglue the thing back together, but since it was spring loaded, the superglue needed to be uberglue to keep it from constantly snapping. So there was no longer the launcher part. But you know, it didn't keep Chris from playing with it. I have no doubt he'll play with it until he loses it.

When I first moved in with him, he had this little ball on a string that was like the lazy man's version of a yoyo. His dad had given it to him, of course. He gives Chris all the annoying toys, including the infamous tongs. So Chris had this easy yoyo that he would swing around more like a weapon. He'd swing it in circles over his head and next to him and he'd sometimes hit himself with it (not on purpose, mind you). He played with this thing for about nine months. Then we moved into the condo and he lost it.

I have no doubt that he'll continue to pretend to shoot things with his broken pigapult until he loses this too. At least it doesn't make that horrible snapping noise when he shoots it. You know, on account that it's broken.

Talk to ya'll tomorrow!

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