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I Don't Want to Meet at 4:20

One thing that I don't like about Scrabble is the end, when we've only got 4 tiles left and we're scrounging around to find a place to put them. Most likely they're either all vowels or all consanants, in which case you're just making 2 letter words. And if you're truly unlucky and didn't bother to look at how many tiles were left, you're stuck with a Q or a Z. Which has totally happened to me.

So the weather here has gotten a lot cooler. So much cooler, in fact, that Chris' hands are now frigid all the time. When you're as long limbed as he is, it's a lot harder to keep the heat evenly spread. Or that's what he's told me.

So it's gotten cooler, which means that I can at least keep the windows open during the day when it's not 40 degrees outside. The only downside is that two doors down we have smokers. And not just any old smoke, they are major potheads. They seem to be out there all the time because every time I open the windows, I can smell it. But at the same time, I had to knock on their door once (there was a stray cat and I wanted to know if it belonged to them since it had come racing out of their garage). When I got close to their door, I could smell the stink weed. It was so strong, you have no idea. And the college student that answered the door was playing a football game on the xbox 360.

Now if they want to smoke pot, that's fine. But the fact that they smoke outside constantly seems like they're infringing on my personal space somehow because I can smell them smoking. But at the same time, they're smoking outside in their own lanai and not blowing smoke into my living room on purpose. But still, it annoys me.


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