Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Festival of Speed

Chris has been growing taller. I tell him this but he no think it so. Here we have him next to a bus. Soon he will be a monster.

By the way, Chris wrote the above. It made me laugh so hard, my eyes watered.

On Sunday, we drove out to the JW Marriot again to see Chris' family. And it turned out that there was a car show occurring on the same day. It was a great surprise to us, but a good one as Chris' dad loves cars. From the balcony of their hotel room, they could see all the cars displayed and boo on me for not thinking of taking a photo of it. From the balcony, Chris' dad could tell what the cars were. There were ferraris, lambourginis and cars I'd never heard of like Saleena and Bugatti.

I immediately texted Ryan, who absolutely loves cars and he said that he would just die for a Bugati (but not in those exact words.) "1001 horsepower, Quad turbo 16 cylinder engine", he texted me. I told Chris' dad who nodded in agreement. I've always said that Ryan is Chris' Dad's long lost son. And Ryan always said that Chris was his mom's long lost son. One day they will meet each other's parents and there will be real tears.

Then I told Ryan that there were two Bugatti's, so he asked me to take photos.

It was a hot sunny day, one which could in no way allow proper photographs of the car. It was just too bright for photos, but it didn't stop any of the dozen men from taking photos of their dream cars. Cars really don't do anything for me. I just need it to get me from one place to the other safely and preferably fuel efficiently as well.

I spent most of the time laying out by the pool in my jeans and tank. It was too cold for a swimsuit (but that didn't stop the tourists). Chris' Mom and I just laid out there chatting. When Chris and his Dad came back, his Dad told his mom that she looked lovely to which his Mom said, "Oh, no. You found a car you wanted, didn't you?"

And he proceeded to drag us back over to show us.

Me, I like the mini car Chris is standing next to. It was a BMW Isetta made in 1958, goes 58 miles an hour and has a fuel efficiency of 60 miles to the gallon. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd even fit into it. Ah well. I'll make due with the car I have.

Have a good one!

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