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Eat Around the World

On Saturday, we headed over to the Epcot Food and Wine festival. What they do is bring out extra booths that represent different countries and there are samples of food from every country. We'd been there last year, but it was nowhere near as busy as it was on Saturday. A golf tournament of some sort was also occurring that day and I think that contributed to the massive amount of people there. One of our friends who has a season pass has been to Epcot three times a week and she said that Epcot hadn't been as busy as the day we went. We parked at the very last row, fairly close to the end of the lane. I think we were lucky to even get in that day!

While a lot of foods were still the same, a few of them were different. They got rid of the dolma from Turkey. I suspect because it wasn't very good. They replaced it a turkey dish instead and I have to say that it was a good idea to get rid of the dolma. Unfortunately, they haven't found anything good to replace it with as the Turkey booth was completely empty. Unfortunately, they also got rid of the Brazil booth. They had the best strawberry basil dish. It was the one thing that I remembered from last year that I really wanted. But alas, it was not to be.

France changed the way they presented escargot. Last year, they just plopped them onto a plate and handed them to you. Who knew how long they'd been sitting on the plate before you even got to them. They were dry and nasty, not that I'd know. I didn't try them. Which is not to say I hadn't tried escargot before. I can't remember the last time I had escargot, but I remember thinking that snails didn't taste like anything, but it had a strange consistency. It wasn't slimy, but it wasn't rubbery, it was something strange in between.

This year, the escargot was presented in their little bite-sized bowl of butter and garlic. The bread was cut open like a bread bowl, the escargot was inside and the cap was put back on. I tried it again with the little butter bread bowl. And I thought again how weird the consistency was. In between the bites of bread, I felt the strange snail in my mouth. I don't think I"ll be eating escargot again. Chris enjoyed them though and so did his dad.

France was also supposed to have the chocolate dessert and we were all eagerly waiting for it. But when we got there, they had some sort of white chocolate, raspberry, champagne, three-layer frozen thingie that wasn't that great. The raspberry layer was great, but the white chocolate was gritty and the champagne tasted a little foul. But then, none of the desserts were all that great this year.

We went by the Morocco booth and Chris saw that they had a savory chicken dish, and he thought that it sounded delicious. So he went ahead and ordered one, only to realize after he got it that he remembered getting it last year and he disliked it muchly. He was fooled by the "savory" description. I ate it for him, though I can't say that it was my favorite. But it did make me miss this particular restaurant in San Francisco that had great lamb and a fantastic belly dancer. Needless to say, after that point, we went to see what the dishes looked like before we ordered it.

We sat at the cafe near Morocco because it was pretty. There was also a Moroccan band playing with a very good belly dancer. So we rested there a bit while I ate my savory chicken dish. Meanwhile, Chris' dad had disappeared only to reappear with more escargot! He bought two more dishes, totally 4 dishes at three escargots each. Luckily, snails reproduce worse than rabbits, so I'm not fearing the decline of that particular species.

At the end of the day, we were completely stuffed. We'd been there for about six hours, walking through the various countries and sampling almost everything. I couldn't eat one bit more, but Chris, well, he can always make room for something. And he bought food from Argentina that took him over the edge.

Chris' favorite dish was the escargot from France and the chimichurri from Argentina. Mine was the sausage and saurkraut pretzel dish at Germany.

And Chris is wanting to go back already as I keep asking him questions about Saturday. So I'm fairly sure we'll go back next year.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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