Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

The Shredder

I like to shred things in my shredder. I like that satisfying noise where all those teeth chew up the papers that I feed it. I don't understand why I find such satisfaction in it. I don't like to shred CDs or credit cards though. Those don't seem to go through as smoothly, though my shredder is more than capable of eating those up too. I've shredded so much that I've broken 3 shredders in my lifetime. Granted, two of them were the incredibly cheap one's.

It's mostly paper that I like to shred. I shred my own stories. I shred other people's stories that they've asked me to critique. I shred bills and statements. I try to shred anything that has my name and address on it.

Then I discovered that JJ also shredded envelopes too. The theory is that if you shred those along with the imnportant stuff, it will take the criminals much longer to piece together any pertinent information. Why anyone would do that with my papers, who really knows? But just in case, you know?

So I started shredding envelopes. Then junk mail. Then I started shredding Chris' junk mail. I shred pretty much everything except for magazines. My shredder can't handle that many pages at once. I doubt anyone's scredder can. Even the industrial shredders at the university could only do 10 pages at a time. So the magazines go untouched. Lucky for them.

Do you shred everything too? Or is it just me and my shredding madness?


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