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Boo At the Zoo

I had originally planned on going to the Brevard Zoo to get more photos of the animals, except that I discovered that they closed for a good two hours before the Halloween event even began. By the time I found this out it was 2pm and the zoo closed at 3pm before re-opening at 5pm. It didn't make any sense to head over to the zoo at that point. So instead, we rented 1408. I think I've given up on going to the Brevard Zoo during event days.

I was under the impression that there would be a lot of activities for children. There were about five or six things to do, one of which was playing a version of musical chairs, the other was making an origami fortune teller. Maybe I was just jaded from being so close to the theme parks who do it so well.

I won't allow you to take my Halloween Loot!
Not you! And not the Great Pumpkin!

But the zoo tried. They had Halloween decorations strewn about the place, but the animals were all gone. They weren't anywhere to be seen, not like the Food and Wine event they had a few weeks before. We thought it was because the zookeepers didn't want children to feed their candy to the animals, except that a few of them were out. Like the tapir, which we finally saw. They weren't out at all when we went before and the only reason Chris wanted to go to that zoo was because they had tapirs! They're actually really big, about the size of a baby rhino. They came out and proceeded to pee. Everywhere.Go figure, eh? But their poop can be recycled. As fertilzer. Much like rabbit poop. Think about that when you're eating vegetables at your next meal!

Must Clean Toilet....

They did have a "Haunted Trail", which was neither scary or gruesome. It eventually got quite repetitive in that they were almost all dressed in hospital gear. And then there were some thuggish clowns. You can tell that most of them were supposed to jump out at you from nowhere, except that we saw them all before they jumped out at us. Freddy Kruger was hiding in a crate. Michael from the Halloween movies was hiding in the bushes. I think that it might have been scarier had we gone closer to the evening. As it was, I think it was just too bright to make anything scary. But it looked like the high school students seemed to have a lot of fun playing their parts.

You May be tall! But I can still choke you!

We met Deanna Hoak and her family and watched them trick-or-treat around the area. Deanna said that the event wasn't as good as last years, but they also went the weekend before Halloween whereas we went two weekends before Halloween. We suspected that there would be more vendors giving away candy then. I doubt that I will go next year. It seems more geared towards kids and giving them a safe place to get candy. Much like the way malls are set up now.

Tomorrow, I go to the food and wine festival at epcot. Today, I go to the food and wine festival at Epcot. Should be fun!

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