Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Jimmy and Jennifer's Wedding Part 1

As some of you know, I went to back to California for my brother's wedding. He's been dating the same girl for 12 years and finally made it official on October 13th, which is also the same day that they started dating way back in high school. Though it was rainy the first few days prior to the wedding, on the actual day it was a pleasant autumn day.

The bride was lovely, the groom was handsome, and everybody had an awesome time. Some of his friends were having great times with alcohol, and how they managed to dance and keep the champagne in the glass was a little beyond me. One person had too good a time and dropped hers. But you know the open bar was worth it when that happens.

My brother, however, does not drink. He drank apple cider like me for the toast. My brother does, however, eat.

A lot.

After he finished his first round of food, he had to make the rounds and say hello to everyone. I, of course, went back for more food (hey, it's a buffet and he paid by the person and like 7 people didn't show up. Somebody's got to eat the food!). So when I went back to get more food, he pointed at me, at the plate and several of the dishes on the buffet table. He's a big eater. I don't know how he stays so skinny.

Everyone 20 minutes or so, he would return to that table and eat some more. He liked the roast beef! Luckily, he also eats vegetables. As noted in this photo above where he shows you the spinach salad he was eating. That's my Kimora impersonation. Like it?

And of course, I forgot to bring the big external flash. Boo me. So a lot of the outside photos are a bit dark. The on board flash is weak and harsh at the same time. But luckily, I was not the only person with a big fat DSLR. The professional photographers had several and a few of the guests as well. I am eagerly awaiting the professional one's. They took a million photos.

(Don't ask me about the gang signs, I don't get it.)

It was good to see my brother and all his friends. They love him dearly and I had a sense of envy over how close they seem. But my brother has always been more outgoing than me, so it's no surprise that he has so many good friends.

All of my photos for the wedding can be found here at smugmug. The best man's brother had a Canon Rebel XTI with external flash and his photos came out a lot better than mine. *Is insanely jealous* But you can find his photos over here.

And because it's my blog and it's all about me, here's a photo of me and Chris, pre-wedding ceremony and all the crying. Which totally messed up my makeup.

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