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The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes Review

A brief conversation with Steph a few days ago reminded me that I needed to write a review for The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes. I'd been putting this off for a while because it's not the glowing review that I'd hoped I would write.

Several months ago, I entered this free book deal at Jennifer Crusie's website. I really enjoy reading her work and I think Bet Me was the best book, though Faking It comes very close. After someone recommended her novels(probably Steph), I ripped through everything I could get my hands on.

So I entered my name for a free copy of this book with the stipulation of having to write a review of it. And since I thought that eight million people would sign up for it, I wasn't really thinking that I'd actually get it.

But I think that there was an interface confusion and only like a few people actually filled out the form correctly. In any case, I've finished reading it and now I have to keep my end of the bargain.

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes was written by Jennifer Crusie, Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart. It's about three sisters who have magical powers, but they can't control them. They're also in hiding because there's an evil aunt who wants to kill them/steal their power.

Each author took one character and wrote from their points of views. And since each author has a very well established career, each character got the same amount of face time. I think that's where I felt bogged down with the material. It felt like we were moving along plot-wise and then we'd repeat the story two more times with different characters before we would move on.

But here's where I found it a bit tedious. (Spoilers ahead).

It took half the book for them to realize that the evil aunt had sent them their true loves. They were all desperately single before the novel began. When they finally figured this out, they brushed it off and continue onto their romance. They do nothing active, it seems. Though they do eventually have a conversation about finally facing the aunt, they do nothing to prepare for the eventual conflict. They are more concerned with their love lives. And perhaps that is what the aunt had intended, but it made it seem like the girls were being passive.

What really gets me though is that when they realize that a libido spell has been cast, they just go along with it. Now if the person who killed my parents was in the same town as me, and knew where I lived and had already sucked some power out of me, you bet that I wouldn't just lie down and have sex. I'd at least try to dispel the situation even if it didn't work.

When the final confrontation does happen, it's because the aunt makes them come rescue their loved one's. There's no planning in any way. The girls just tromp on up to the meeting place and a battle ensued. I would think that the heroines would be more proactive in their own survival.

I don't know if it's that I've read a lot of mystery/action novels where when someone is in trouble they definitely go about getting out of trouble or running away from it. Staying in one place and getting some nookie is just not plausible.

I wanted to put this down, but plowed through till the end because I knew that I had to write this review. I'm afraid I can't suggest people run out and buy this book.

And this is why I generally don't write reviews. I don't like writing negative one's.


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