Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Palm Posting

I posted the previous entry via my Palm Treo and I forgot to run the spell check. I apologize for the mispellings!

But I'm trying this as it is easier to type when Chris is driving and perhaps I will post more. You may get a lot of entries like "I ate too much" (which I did, BTW. I like my Buddha's Delight! No wonder I have gained more than a few).

But I have yet to find a good way of updating the Wordpress. So the people who read only that site might be out of luck.

Unfortunately, Versamail(the email program I am using to send this has no spell check. Documents to Go has one, but when I copy and paste to Versamail, the formatting gets all wonkified.

So some bugs to work out, but hopefully, you guys will be able to enjoy my ramblings more often.

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