Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

She Scours For SeaShells

Over the weekend, Allaman and Co., Chris and I went to Sanibel Island. The island is well known for having lots of seashells, and so I spent several hours on the beach walking up and down the area near our hotel looking for seashells. There were so many of them that in the morning there was a huge layer of shells where the tide was highest. Most of the shells were broken and/or whitewashed. But if you're lucky, you can find the colorful one's and even a few rare ones. I was able to find several colorful clamshells and even a few conch shells the size of my fist. Allaman was lamenting that he couldn't find any good one's toward the end of our weekend. And then, while we were wading around in the ocean, he feels a seashell with his monkey feet, and lo and behold, it is the biggest conch that I've ever seen. And that was like opening the floodwaters. He managed to find a good 10 of them by the end of our trip.

I have a whole bag of them that I have to wash out, some will go in my fish tank, while others will be glued to a picture frame. I found a lot of nice little one's in a small pool after the tide receded. Allaman found me waiting in that pool and he promptly told me that the water I was wading around in was a cesspool the day before (they had arrived one day before Chris and I did). The cesspool was stagnant and smelly and looked like things had died in it. By the time I had discovered it, the cesspool had been cleaned out by the high tide. And I was happy to wade around in it especially since I found some fantastic little shells in it.

The next day, however, the cesspool had been picked over and a family was camping it for the remainder of Sunday. I swear, they did not move from that cesspool all day and I'm not sure if they found anything interesting in it. I did a brief once over in the morning and didn't see anything of interest in it. I'm not sure that I would spend all day in one little picked over area. But then I wouldn't spend all day looking for shells either.

I would return to Sanibel, except for one thing. The sand fleas. There were a million of them and my legs and arms are all covered in small little bites. They itch horribly and nothing really help for any length of time. Hydrocortisone cream and the Benedryl anti-itch spray do pretty much nothing. The only thing that I've found works for a small bit of time is Tiger Balm and that's only because it masks the itchiness with the tingling menthol feeling. The bites are supposed to go away in 9-12 days and it's supposed to stop itching after 3 days. I returned home on Monday, so theoretically by tomorrow, I should have a lovely full night's sleep. I would so love the day that happens. Because I am just uberpooped right now


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