Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Text Me What You Want

Several weeks ago, JJ had text messaged Chris what I wanted for my birthday. Chris was driving at the time and I had checked the message. So I texted back, "She wants a pony!"

JJ replied that it wasn't helpful, so I got out my own phone and written, "I said I wanted a pony!!" to which he replied with something like, "You asked for it."

So what did I get for my birthday(among other gifts)?

A My Little Pony! I had no idea that they still made those. Which also reminds me of the Porn Star or My Little Pony?" name meme. I totally got all the names wrong, but Ii thought you guys might want to have a try at it.

And then for cake, Chris had gone to the Publix(Florida's version of Safeway) and chatted with their baker. They had several options that Chris wanted, some of which weren't available due to the accessories being out of stock, and others would just not be ready by my birthday. I don't know what those options are because he says he will use it for next year! But I think this cake was a good choice because it followed a sort of theme.

Look! A Pegacorn!

Yes, my friends, I got a pony for my birthday and I did indeed ask for it. I hope ya'll had a great weekend!


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