September 29th, 2013

2011 July

Week 27: Glucose Test and TDAP

Too Many CheeseBurgers

Week 27 is about when you take the glucose test to make sure that you haven’t developed gestational diabetes. The appointment is in the morning to make sure there isn’t anything else in your system that could screw up the test. It takes about an house, but most of that is waiting around.

So before you’re supposed to go,  you’re supposed to have a small protein breakfast. They suggest having eggs, but what exactly is a small protein breakfast? Is it an egg? Two eggs? I normally have 2 eggs with toast, is that a small breakfast? Could I have bread? And then it said that if you’re on the go, you can have an egg mcmuffin from McDonalds, no cheese, no bacon. Egg Only. So did that mean you can eat the mcmuffin part? Egg Only  usually means just egg, right? But it said no bacon, no cheese and nothing about no mcmuffin. I was thoroughly confused.

Hubs said that I could have bread with my eggs, but I was like, I’m not going to risk it. I don’t want to have to take the test again. If I fail this one, I have to do the three hour one and that one is seriously boring and time consuming.

In the end, I had one scrambled egg and 32 ounces of water (2 water bottles worth) to keep me hydrated. It’s really not that hard when you wake up totally dehydrated.

So we arrive at the doctor’s office and i tell the receptionist that I’m taking the test as per instructions. The phlebotomist takes me to the back and gives a dixie cup of sugary sugary drink. I had a choice of lemon, orange, some other stuff. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter what flavor I picked, it’s the sugariest water you will have ever drink. It’s so cloying in fact, that it clung to the back of my throat and made me cough.

Then one hour later, I have my blood drawn.

In between that, the nurse came to get me, weighed me (167 lbs), measured my tummy from the pubic bone to the bottom of my rib cage, though she had to feel for my rib cage to find where it was at. The baby is pushing everything up and out, including my stomach!

I told her that my hips were stiff and she said that’s normal, it’s the hips expanding and the ligaments and all that. Same stuff I found on the internet.

Doctor came in, told her the same thing, then she told me the same thing, and also that I probably had a pinched nerve when I had that terrible leg ache. She suggest message, which I’m going to be passing on. And also a fitness ball, which I already bought last week. I’ve been bouncing on it a little after work and also while I’m typing my blog entries. I can’t tell if it’s helped or not, but I am getting a little bit of exercise because of it. There are some very simple prenatal exercises to do on it that are low impact, so I’ve been doing that.

After the appointment, I checked email, played Small World with Hubs, and then it was time to get my blood drawn. I thought that an hour was going to be a long and boring time, but it actually went fairly quickly with Hubs there.

They took like four vials of blood, some of it was to test for HIV. I guess that’s fairly standard now. And then they gave me the TDAP shot, which is a combination of tetanus and whooping cough vaccine.  Apparently, it’s been on the rise and several children have died from it recently. They gave it to me so that my immunities would be passed onto the child. Hubs would have also needed to get it except that he had it back in 2007 when we were getting our checkup. The shot lasts for 10 years, so he was good.

The side effect of this TDAP was some serious pain in the injection site, a bit of a headache and some serious sleepiness, but nothing that was debilitating. I did take a wee nap during my lunch break to help.

From now on, the doctor sees me every two weeks until close to the due date. I can’t believe it’s almost time!


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