June 15th, 2011


On the Way to Daichan

After the Getty, Chris East took us on a scenic drive down Mullholland Drive, a street that allows for beautiful views of Los Angeles, is totally famous and is also totally windy. I became a little nauseous after the first fifteen turns or so and we had to take another road to Mann’s Chinese Theatre, which we had already agreed that we weren’t going to get out of the car to see. We were only doing a drive-by, you see. There were just too many people there and I was totally ok with that. But while waiting in traffic near Mann’s Chinese Theatre, we saw a glimpse of Danny Bonaduce who looked like he was doing some sort of reality show.

On a side note, while were on our way from Mullholland to Mann’s we also saw a dude dressed as Jesus, long hair, white robe and all. It had something to do with the Rapture, but since I am a heathen, I didn’t know what that meant.

After our scenic drive, we arrived at Daichan, a Japanese soul food restaurant. I, of course, forgot to take photos, so I Googled some links.

Daichan doesn’t serve what we normally associate with Japanese food. They serve what your Japanese Mom might make (if you were Japanese). Jenn ordered us a series of appetizers that I just gobbled down. One of them was a fried tofu dish and you know how I love my tofu.

One of the appetizers that I loved so much that I had to make it at home. It was a Japanese cold spinach and it was super easy to make.

All you need to do is wilt the spinach.

And make the sauce.

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The sauce is one tablespoon of everything above except for the sugar. You only need one teaspoon of that. Make sure you squeeze out the water from the spinach and put in the sauce and you’re done! Even I could do that! And it is delicious. I must have needed something in spinach in my diet. Because I made a lot and I ate it all!

The only thing was that my spinach was much more bitter. I’ve read that sometimes that happens due to the vitamins in the spinach. So some people boil it, but that also removes some of the vitamins.

But I digress. Daichan was delicious. I think if we return, I’m just eating appetizers!

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