June 29th, 2010


Lights from the 70′s

Peter Pan fighting Hook. Except Hook is moving too fast, so he’s just a blur

On the same day as we went to the Star Wars Weekend, we also went to the Magic Kingdom. (The annual pass is good like that. You don’t have to pay for parking and you can go to as many parks as you want, whenever you want!) So we went over to the Magic Kingdom because I got a brochure saying that there would be a light parade and a special fireworks with 3-D glasses for passholders. Well, hell, I’m going to take advantage of that, right?

So we met some friends at Magic Kingdom and proceeded to wait around for the light parade. Well, we lined up at 7:30pm thinking the parade was at 8, but it was actually at 9! At least we got front row seats. (It also happened to be Gay Day at Magic Kindgom? I only mention it in case you don’t know about it. I didn’t find it any different than any other day at Disney. You can always tell when you’ve gone on Gay Day because there will be people wearing shirts saying that it’s Gay Day. Not the Disney staff, mind you, but park visitors.)

At any rate, we waited those long hours until the light parade finally deigned to begin, which wasn’t until about 9:15. You see, there’s like 18 hours of light in Florida some days (ok, maybe not, but it feels like that sometimes.).

Tinkerbell’s zeppelin. You know that she’s a steampunk engineer?

What I learned about the light parade is that it moves heinously fast. Not like roller coaster fast, but still, blink and the next float has already gone by. (This means that some of my photos are blurry. Ok, all of them are blurry!) But what I also learned was that these lights parade floats have been around since the 70′s. There was even a float with a boy on a dragon. How long ago was that? I mean really. I don’t even remember that movie.

And why did they make a float of one of the scariest things in Pinocchio?

Hell if I know what this is called, but it was hella f’in scary coming down the street.

But the 2 year old that we took with us really enjoyed the parade. It lasted about 45 minutes. And then we were just too tired to wait around for the fireworks. I’m not a big fan of the fireworks anyway. But we were able to see it from the tram. Cuz you know, you can’t go from the parking lot to the park. You gotta take a tram or a boat. And that takes 15 minutes to an hour depending on if you can get on the tram.

So anyway, light parade good for kids. But it’s hella dated.

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