July 2nd, 2009

2011 July

Plugins & Widgets

I don’t know how many of you are interested in Wordpress plugins, but I thought I’d give you a list of the current one’s that I run in case you’re interested in some of them. And some of you might have some time this weekend to fiddle around with your wordpress, so here are some plugins in alphabetical order:

  1. Akismet: This comes default on Wordpress, but it’s a good spam filter. I don’t get that many comments or spammy comments here, but it does catch a great deal of the spammy ones.
  2. JournalPress: I got this via Jim C. Hines (author of the super awesome Stepsister Scheme, which I highly recommend). It’s a crossposter that I’ve got to post to LJ and Dreamwidth. It only works with Livejournal clones, so it won’t post to blogger (though I haven’t tried). You can also set the text for the crossposting (which I’ve done at the bottom of the LJ and Dreamwidth entries. They don’t appear here.) You can also set it to appear above or below your post and there’s a bunch of other customizing you can do, like set the comment and posting privacy levels.
  3. Photo Sidebar Widget: This is a new widget that I found that places photos in my sidebar. I have it set to show most recent photos, but you can also use whatever RSS feed that’s available to you. I’m using smugmug, so there’s only 3 feeds I could use. If I chose, I choose to display all of them. I can also choose to display different numbers of photos. I chose to display 3 at a time. I think it gets too cluttered otherwise in my design.
  4. runPHP: This is so you can run PHP code within your pages and posts. I use it mostly for the next plugin….
  5. SRG Clean Archives: It makes my archives all pretty. I installed this like three years ago when I moved to Wordpress, so I don’t really remember much about it. But I still like the way it displays my archives.
  6. Twitter Updater: This is the newest one that I just installed. It’s a Twitter Updater that tweets your entries to your twitter account. You can set it to send an update when a new post is created, edited, published, etc. I don’t think everyone wants to know when I edit an entry (usually, it’s for spelling or grammar mistakes). So I’ve only set it to update when something is published. I don’t think anybody cares if I’ve created an entry, but haven’t published it yet. And you can also customize what gets posted to Twitter. The only weird thing about this is that the settings for it are under your Tools menu on your dashboard.
    • Updated: I had to make a few edits. I know it’s all gobbledy-gook. I’m not a PHP coder either, but I can fidget with code people give me if it works. And this I got from the plugin website. Someone fixed it, but the cut and paste used smart quotes that didn’t work. You can do one of two things, download the txt file, rename to php then upload. Or you can copy and paste using the plugins -> editor ability on your wordpress dashboard. This fixes the double posts on twitter and also the fact that it won’t post if it’s a new post. (It would only post edited posts).
    • NEW UPDATE: I’m no longer using this one as it seems that it won’t post a new one if it’s been scheduled. Nothing posted to my twitter for the July 6th entry that was automatically scheduled. I use Twitter Tools now, which does work!

I used to have a lot more widgets that did the recent posts and recent comments and threaded replies, but now that Wordpress has those built in, I don’t need them anymore. You can get the recent posts using the widgets tab under Appearance in you dashboard.

What I’m looking for now is an email updater that will send to my yahoo list. That list started like a really long time ago and I still post to it to let people know that I’ve update. And there are people on there that aren’t on the twitter account, so I want to still be able to tell them that something posted. However, sometimes I set the entries to post in the future and I don’t always remember to send them a notification. I think wordpress can automatically do this for people who are registered, but I’m not making them re-register here. What a PITA that would be. So if you know of something that would help me, post a link!!

What other widgets or plugins do you use?

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