November 16th, 2008

2011 July

The Sogginess of a Shell in my Benedict

Every weekend, we got to Toojay’s for brunch. Some of the food they make is really great. They have a turkey dinner that’s usually reserved for Thanksgiving. It’s got stuffing and mashed potatoes along with a smothering of brown gravy. They have really good matzo ball soup and chili. And some of their sandwiches aren’t bad. They even have a tongue sandwich if you like that sort of thing.

Some other things they do horribly. Like their vegetables are covered in about a stick of melted butter. Their salads are aren’t fresh and they haven’t been chilled. I often wonder if they keep their salad supplies in the refridgerator or if they just leave it out in big bins after they’d chopped them up. Every time I’ve had a salad there, I’ve always encountered at least one piece, if not more, of browning lettuce. I always lay these pieces out for them to see, but they don’t seem phased by it.

Their brunches are generally pretty good, which is why we go every weekend. But today, I was sorely disappointed by them. I ordered a Toojay’s Benedict, which is a poached egg on top of tomatoes and ham over an English muffin. Unfortunately, if you let heat touch tomatoes for too long, all the fluids come out of it, therefore making the English muffin completely soggy. The poached egg was more like soft boiled. The yolk was already solid when it got to me. I had to ask for a replacement English muffin because there’s no way I could deal with soggy bread like that. It was all mushy and slimy. How could it get slimy?

And then I found an egg shell in my poached egg. I can understand a small little piece, but this thing was the size of a nickel. It’s not the first time that I’d had such a large piece in my poached eggs. The waitress said that it was because they used to get eggs that were pre-shelled. But that was too expensive and now they’re going to real eggs that they’re cracking themselves. So they’ve been having some problems with the shells being in the eggs. But I’m rather skeptical of that. You know when a nickel sized shell falls into the food that you’re preparing. You can’t miss that. I can crack eggs without getting shell into my food, I’m sure someone who does it for a living cracking several hundred eggs a day can do it too. They’re just lazy.

But the manager took my dish off the bill, so I really can’t complain too much. I just wish they were better.

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