April 17th, 2008

2011 July

San Diego Zoo

Over the weekend, I had to be in Cosa Mesa, Ca for work. And instead of sulking about it, I decided to go there earlier with Chris to go to the San Diego Zoo. We were joined by the always awesome Jenn Reese.

We hadn't seen each other since Worldcon LA and the last time we did a photo trip together was way back at Lake Tahoe, which was also way back in 2004. So I was really glad to see her and have a photo partner.

As usual, all the animals showed me their butts. However, I was able to steal some photos while Jenn was taking hers. They seemed to like her and even posed for her! If you're lucky, you will get some photos over at her journal too.

It was really hot on Saturday, and most of the animals were hiding inside or under some shade. We were able to get some good photos anyway. The zoo had a few animals used to the hot dry heat.

We started in the herpatology exhibit. I noticed that every snake that Jenn said was pretty turned out to be seriously poisonous! I admit that they were pretty and colorful. And maybe nature made it that way for a reason. Survivorman tells us not to eat insects that are brightly colored, so maybe it goes for snakes too.

One thing that confused us in the herpatology area were these turtles or perhaps just one turtle.

We were wondering if this was one turtle on top of a statue or if it was two turtles, one without a head. I think one was an albino that's why it was yellow. It's difficult to tell, so you decide.

We spent the whole day at the zoo with a brief stop for some guilt cookies. They weren't guilt cookies because we felt guilty eating them. They were guilt cookies because Chris guilted us into eating them. He'd gotten them for us because he thought that we needed a snack. He thought that we'd like some cookies.

The zoo also had pandas, but when we walked past the exhibit, we saw that the line was heinously long and totally in the sun. I was already hot and grimey. And I wasn't sure that I could handle standing in the sun for that long.

I knew that Chris wanted so see the pandas though, so we went back towards the end of the day. It was a bit of a hike though, but I think it was worth the effort. Not only was the line shorter, but the pandas weren't all hot and hiding. The adult panda was awake and even walked towards us when we got close.

The baby panda was sleeping in the tree covered in branches. Seriously, could it not have slept on a completely bare branch in the full unblocked view of my camera? Was that too much to ask?

All in all, I had a great time. Jenn is one of those people that I can relax around. If I say something stupid, she'll laugh with me and if I say something offensive, she'll forgive me. And she's really easy to get along with. She even laughed at Chris' jokes even when I didn't! And that's why she's one of my favorite people. I'm glad she made the great drive down to spend the day with us.

You can see the rest of the photos here