November 29th, 2007

2011 July

What Should I Write Today, Baby?

So right before I sat down to write this blog entry, I asked Chris what I should write about.

He said, I don't know why you got into this mess, you don't even have any time to write it. It'd be fine if you worked in an office all day and had tons and tons of free time. But you've been working all day, non-stop this whole week.

Which is true. And which is also why I continually have to ask him what to write about. He will be happy when it's all said and done. Like tomorrow! Which will be my last regular post. Then it will return to the sporadic postings that you all love and enjoy.

So, I work from home. Almost all of my colleagues work from home. The comapny has various offices in California, New Mexico, Maryland, etc. But the only people that normally go to those offices are receptionists, accountants, etc.

Because I work from home, most of my communication is via email. And there's a project in the works that involved VB. The client, however, decided that it would be best to write it in rather than VB6, to which my boss said that neither him nor I were indoctrinated in either language for it to matter to us.

My reply was:

It's all the same gibberish to me!
Not Really.

I giggled while I was writing it. And when my boss said something about it, I laughed some more. Man, I am SO funny!

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