November 10th, 2007

2011 July

Parental Phone Calls

Chris asked me yesterday how this NaBlo thing was going and I said it was excruciating. I try to make these journal entries interesting, but I'm not sure that I'm succeeding in every entry that I write. But then, at least I'm trying right?

Chris' family calls him three times a week. Ok, maybe it's not three times a week, but it feels like it. They talk to him a lot. If it's not the Mom, it's the Dad. And if it's not either, it's the Baby Sister, who is in college. (She's ten years younger.) But whenever Chris calls the parents and has to leave a message on their voicemail, he always says "This is Chris H, your son." As though providing the last name hasn't helped them remember that they are related, he adds the second part like they're going to forget they had a son.

I very highly doubt that they'd forget him since they come visit once a month. The older sister calls him the Golden Child. But the Golden Child was a bald little asian girl last I remembered and she was walking off into the sunset with Eddie Murphy. I wonder whatever happened to her and would she approve of the Scary Spice Murphy Baby?

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