September 14th, 2007

2011 July

Rainy Career Search

I know you're all probably really tired of me saying that it's raining outside, but I don't think I'll ever get over the idea that it rains so much here and yet it is so damned hot. Not only hot, but it rains and it's sunny! It's a contradiction that I can't yet fathom.

But it gives me an excuse to buy lots of swimsuits that I hardly ever wear. But let me tell you, they are some damned cute swimsuits!

And like everyone in the blogosphere, I've taken the career matcher and came up with a rather interesting list. Nowhere on the list (even past 20) is my current career. And though I don't LOVE IT (I have never LOVED any of my jobs), I don't hate it either. I'm getting used to it, actually and I know more now than before, so I'm not as frustrated as I used to be.

In any case, here is the list:

1. Technical Writer
2. Professor
3. Critic
4. Market Research Analyst
5. Communications Specialist
6. Print Journalist
7. Writer
8. Translator
9. Political Aide
10. Activist
11. Public Policy Analyst
12. Aquaculturist
13. Outdoor Guide
14. Arborist
15. Pipefitter
16. Zookeeper
17. Horticulturist
18. Foreign Language Instructor
19. ESL Teacher
20. Carpenter

What makes me laugh is that I not only studied English in college, but I was a political science major and quite a bit of those answers fit in both arenas. Where Pipefitter and Carpenter fit in though, I'm not sure. I didn't even think that pipefitter was even a career. I thought it was more like a job requirement for a plumber. Aquaculturist makes me laugh though because if you saw my fish tank now you'd wonder what happened to it. The plants exploded after I put in the carbon dioxide and now I have to decide what to trim back and what to pull out because the fishtank is now covered in a huge swath of greenie goodness. Fish? You ask about fish? You can barely notice that there are 8 of them in there (4 blackfin tetras, 2 guppies and 2 bumblebee gobies. This also does not include the apple snails, which I have lost count of because they keep having babies.

But this career search is a little bit skewed too. You can tell where the questions are leading to, like "would you like to work with children?" which pretty much means school teacher. Or "Would you like to help people psychologically?" Which means a therapist of some sort. It's like cheating on a test.