November 19th, 2006

2011 July

Tests and Games

During a lovely conversation last night with Deanna, she let me know that there were Wordpress/LiveJournal crossposter plugins out there, which I am now currently testing. And since I know you guys would rather not just see a post about my testing, I figured I'd write a post about games too.

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2011 July

GH2 and Crossposter

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Well, right after I posted that I couldn’t get past Carry Me Home, I managed to do it right after I uploaded the entry. I just need to give my arm a rest and I can start strumming the crazy parts of Laid to Rest.

In other news, the crossposter that I’m currently using is Live+Press version 1.99. It let’s me upload excerpts instead of the whole thing on LJ. It’s a little bit wonky because sometimes the wordpress plugin gets errors from LJ and won’t post correctly.

I’m headed out to lunch at the moment, but I will take another look at it when I get back.