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Week 31: With Bigger Belly

My doctor’s visit this week was also fairly uneventful. I told her about my tummy ache and they didn’t think anything of it since it was my stomach and not my lower GI tract. They think it was definitely something I ate, which I also agree with.

She also warned is about a stomach bug that was going around with the pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. It’s gives you terrible diarrhea and is gone as soon as it comes. So she said to avoid anyone with children who may be ill from that. I’m just avoiding all children of that age. No one is going to talk to me about their terrible bowel movements.

They also measured my belly again. The nurse measured too large, so the doctor measured again. The belly was a little big, measuring at 33 cm, but the doctor wasn’t too worried about that. The belly should correspond with the number of weeks you’re pregnant. So if you’re 30 weeks, your belly should measure between 29 and 31. Since I was at the tail end of 30 weeks and pretty much at 32, she wasn’t overly concerned. Also, the baby could be laying funny and making the belly bigger than it really is. The measuring is the only way for them to know if the baby is growing. We’ll just keep an eye out it and make sure she’s not growing out of control.

We also chose a pediatrician and visited the office. I picked them because I’d asked on Facebook who they used and if they liked them. Well, turns out that all my local friends use the same doctor, so the decision was pretty much made for me. I like them and they know what they’re doing. A few days after you take the baby home, you have to take them to the doctor to be weighed and measured. Then you go very few weeks/months until the end of the first year to make sure that they’re growing correctly. So it’s important to have a pediatrician picked out beforehand.

That was basically the last thing that we needed to do. Now we just have to put the baby room together, and prepare supplies to take to the hospital and the rest is just a waiting game. I can’t believe I’m having a baby. Who would have thought. Me. A mother!

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