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Week 30: Tired w/tummy ache

On Wednesday evening, I had a terrible tummy ache. I’m not sure what caused it as I hadn’t eaten anything particularly unusual. I had a few slices of pineapple, some cheese, bread and soup, all things that I have on a regular basis. However, that night, my stomach hurt, so much so that I had to lie down. 

I’ve had tummy aches before and if it’s ever really bad, I take an alka seltzer and I feel better. But I couldn’t take it this time, so I just endured the pain. It was a bit of an ache, then it hurt terribly and then it was over, though I still didn’t feel very good. I stayed in bed for a few hours, falling asleep for a few hours. I still don’t know what it was, though Hubs thinks it might have been the cheese that upset my stomach. I think it might have been the combination of the cheese and the pineapple together, which I haven’t done since then and I haven’t had any issues.  It as I was laying there, I wondered how much worse labor was compared to this and I wasn’t looking forward to that part.

The good thing was that Hubs is very supportive when I don’t feel well. He looked up whether or not I could take alka seltzer (turns out, no) and looked to see what else I could take instead (just Tylenol really), and was very comforting during the whole process, so I feel good about him being around during labor and not freaking out or making things worse.

 In other news, I passed the gestational diabetes test. We’ve also met with the pediatrician and I cleaned out the closet along with a few boxes of books. So those are going out to the library this week.

I woke up extremely tired this morning and I could just be doing too much this week, so I’m trying not to overdo it. I still have a full work week and I am pretty much booked for projects until the baby comes, so I’m going to be busy until then.

Some days, I feel like the skin on my stomach is going to burst. I think the combination of food in my tummy and the baby stretching, it feels uncomfortable. At this point, I don’t feel a little punch or a kick. I feel her wiggling around.i remember when we had that first so igram, we saw her legs moving like she was running or kicking and I have a feeling she’s doing that still. I can just feel it more now that she’s bigger.

I have about ten weeks left and some days, I can’t believe that I’m having a kid. It’s terrifying and also exciting!



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