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Week 29: Basic Baby Care Class

10/13/2013 My checkup this week went pretty smoothly. I got a flu shot to protect me and the baby from the flu this season. Since they were doing it in-house, I opted to do it as well. There was a point where I thought there might be an issue. The nurse had measured my belly and when the doctor saw the measurements, she wanted to measure it again. When the nurse had measured, the belly was at 32 cm, which is too large for my 29th week. So the doctor measured me and she said I was only at 30 cm. sometimes when the baby is stretching or turned a certain way, the belly could seem bigger than average. If I had measured largest than average, I would have had to go to the doctor once a week to monitor the progress and make sure the baby wasn’t growing too big too fast.

We also went to a basic infant care class at the Winnie Palmer hospital. It was scheduled for two hours, but in actuality it was two and a half hours. I thought it was really a waste of time. The class taught some really basic things, like how to hold your baby, how to swaddle, when to bathe your baby, how to take care of the umbilical cord and how to take care of a circumcision (the last was a total waste of time since I’m having a girl and even if I were having a boy, I wouldn’t circumcise the poor thing.) There was also a brief lecture with corresponding photos of various types of baby poop.

I felt like 90% of the lecture was either common sense or something the pediatrician/nurse would tell you before you took the baby home. And if you’ve ever been around babies before, you really don’t need to go to this class.

The only thing I thought was of any interest was the short video featuring Dr. Harvey Karp. He has a five step process to calming your baby. The video showed all five steps, swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging and suckling. It was a fascinating thing to see, especially the shushing because the baby looked like it was getting rebooted. The baby’s face became all blank and the eyes got all big. I swear, he’s rebooting the baby brain there. But it got the baby to quite down, so it definitely did work.

Overall though, I thought it was a huge waste of time and not worth the $40 for that class. I’d say skip it if you have any sort of common sense or have been around babies before. I think you’re better off talking to people who have had children and save yourself the boredom of a lecture.

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