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Birthing Class: When to Go to the Hospital

The other thing that I remembered from the birthing class was when to go to the hospital. The first, is obviously, when your water breaks. We’ve all seen the movies where there’s this giant bucket of water that splooshes everywhere, but the nurses said that it could just be a tiny trickle or your water may not even break at all! Movies lie!

But if you think your water has broken, you should start making your way to the hospital. You don’t have to rush there right away since they’ll just have you wait until you’re ready to have the baby. Apparently, when they admit you to the labor room early, the chance of cesarean increases, so they’re trying to get away from that. It seems the stress of all that makes it harder to push that baby out.

I’ve heard that all the beeping and doctors,nurses and whatever stresses the woman out and it’s much more relaxing to have the baby at home. However, I’m older and I think I’d probably be more stressed at home worrying that something catastrophic will happen. So hospital it is for me.

Now when your water breaks, it can be several colors. It could be clear, green, brown or red. Now if it’s red, call 911 because something is seriously wrong at that point. If it’s green or brown, it means the baby pooped in your belly. It’s sterile, so everything should be ok,  but they have to suction out everything from their lungs really well. Clear is amniotic fluid. And it could also be yellow. Apparently, sometimes the baby will kick your bladder and you will leak a little bit. I have no doubt that the baby will be doing that to me quite often. She is a very active baby so far.

If it’s a trickle, I don’t know if I could tell what color it is anyway. So if you think your water is broken, go to the hospital. If you wait too long, you have a chance of getting an infection. 

Knowing me, I’ll probably have a few false alarms. They say it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And when you go to the hospital, they want to know what color the liquid was and what time it broke. 

If your water hasn’t broken, but you feel contractions. You’ll need to time them. If they’re about five minutes apart and each contraction lasts for a minutes and it continues consistently for an hour, it’s time to go to the hospital. If your water doesn’t break on its own, the doctor breaks your water with what looks like a giant crochet hook. 

It sounds like once everything starts going, it still takes a lot of time before the baby actually comes, so there’s just a lot of waiting before going into the labor room. So I’m prepared to wait. We have a lot of portable games we can play on the ipad. Hubs is kicking my butt with Small World 2 at the moment. 106 to 62. I don’t think I understand this game.

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Oct. 10th, 2013 01:10 pm (UTC)
My water broke, and it felt like I'd peed myself. Which is apparently also a thing that can happen late in pregnancy, so I wasn't quite sure what was going on, except that I'd just peed, so I figured it was unlikely that I was doing that again. (Sorry, maybe more information than you needed?) But yeah, I was just past 36 weeks, and I woke up in the middle of the night to pee, and then on the way back to bed it seemed like I peed again. So I was all embarrassed and went to get a towel to mop up, and it happened again, and I figured, hey, this might be my water breaking. So I woke Matt up (this was like four-thirty in the morning) and then we noticed that there was a little bit of blood in the liquid, so we were like, okay, hospital time! Except I was only 36 weeks! And I wasn't having any contractions--they didn't start until almost an hour later.

I kept being sure it was a false alarm, right up until the doctor at the hospital checked me and said "oh, yeah, that's your water breaking, and you are definitely having this baby today." And then I burst out crying and didn't stop for like half an hour. The baby was born about twelve hours later, really skinny (because what they do in the last four weeks of pregnancy is get fat) but otherwise totally healthy and fine.
Oct. 10th, 2013 11:42 pm (UTC)
Hi Susan! Hubs says my TMI threshold is quite high. I can pretty much talk about anything.

Your water breaking was my impression of what it's like to have the water break. You know that's like a lot of liquid. But from the nurse's description, it could be as little as if you were laughing too hard and whizzed a little. That's probably what I think is going to make me paranoid.
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