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5th Anniversary

09/21/2008 Wedding Photo

Five years ago today, I married my hubby.

I had originally planned on having a fun trip to Vegas where we had our honeymoon, gather all my friends who were able to come and have another big party. However, those plans were waylaid by the hectic old job, getting the new job and of course, the pregnancy. But that’s ok, we all have to learn to be flexible with our plans. Since I am pregnant, we didn’t plan a big day out. I can’t stay on me feet all day like we used to, otherwise, I think I would have asked to go for a day trip somewhere. Plus, I haven’t been sleeping well of late, so I am just a little bit more tired than I’d like to be. Weekends seem to be when I recuperate and rest up. (I.E. sleep extra hours).

So instead, he took me to Cracker Barrel, which is one of those places I enjoy eating at, but don’t because it’s terribly bad for me. I always order the country fried steak with mac and cheese. Today, I also ordered cheesy hash browns and turnip greens, which may sound healthy, but in actuality, it’s soaked in bacon fat. It is sooo good though and hits that comfort food spot quite well. But I don’t eat it much because it’s heavy and well, greasy. But it’s good every couple of months.

Cracker Barrel Anniversary lunch!

Then we came home and I took a nap. I know, this is so exciting!

And then we went to Melting Pot, which is a place that hubby took me to years and years ago. They changed the menu since we last went. They no longer have the big night out, which was a set menu of dinner for two. Now they have something similar, but it’s separated into single dinners now, so two people no longer have to share the dinner. They called it the 4-course experience. Hubs ordered the steak lover’s dinner (Premium filet mignon, teriyaki-marinated sirloin, and seasoned choice Angus sirloin) and I ordered the Pacific Rim (Teriyaki-marinated sirloin, honey orange duck breast, citrus-infused pork tenderloin, and chicken potstickers), replacing the pork with more duck and steak.

Pacific Rim minus the pork and the various sauces.

We did have to agree on the pots though. We ordered the fiesta cheese (Cheddar cheese blend with lager beer, jalapeño peppers and salsa made as spicy as you like), which I really enjoyed. It had jalapeno peppers in it and came with chips as well. I put in three spoons of jalapeno, which gave just a little bit of heat to warm my mouth.

Fiesta Cheese!

And for dinner, we ordered the chocolate s’mores (The fondue version of this classic presents milk chocolate with marshmallow cream, flambéed and topped with bits of graham crackers). I just realized that all these fondues had alcohol in it. But it burns off right? My baby shouldn’t get drunk off that tiny bit of alcohol. Right? Right?  I think I’m right.

Chocolate S’mores

I always love the cheese part and the chocolate part. I think truthfully, I could skip the actual dinner portion. But who wouldn’t love smothering stuff with cheese and chocolate? Especially chocolate and bananas or even better…..rice crispy treats and chocolate! Sugar overload!!

But the funniest part of the evening was the little banana at the top right corner. It kept staring at me with that sad little face. I imagined him to be in a French film much like Henri, the cat. The lonely banana, misunderstood, misused at drunken parties, left to rot on many kitchen counters in order to make banana bread.

We shouldn’t have laughed at it. But we did. Then we took pictures with it.


Funny banana.

We had taken its dignity. So I put it out of its misery and covered it in lovely chocolate and ate it.

Thanks for all of you who came to our wedding and for all of you who have shared in our memories in the last five years. I expect the next five years to be full of excitement and adventure as we embark on creating a new family. Happy Anniversary!

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