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Samantha Ling

Ling Likes: Zoya Nail Polish in Vespa

One of the things that I enjoy are nail polishes. I’ve mostly worn Essie and OPI over the years, but recently, I’ve gotten into Zoya nail polishes, mostly because ULTA finally carried them. I was truly hesitant to buy them online because the shipping was so expensive and I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch only to realize that I didn’t like them at all.  So when ULTA finally carried them, I bought one to see if I liked it. The ULTA near me only carried about 10 colors in the whole line, which is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen, but I only needed one to see if it was worth the price. And of course I loved them, especially the Pixie Dust one’s. So, now I have an addiction to them. They are a bit pricey if you buy them full price, however, Zoya often has a buy one get one and ULTA also has buy two get one sales. So if you wait for those, they aren’t expensive at all.

The reason I was so interested in these was because they are 5 free, which means that they are free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP and Camphor. Some people may argue that because they are on your nails, you really don’t have to worry about these things. They don’t get absorbed into your blood stream. Some people say they do. I figure it wouldn’t hurt me any if I painted my nails with polish that is 5 free.

Quite recently, they had a back to school sale, so I bought a few nail polishes. The one I’m currently wearing is called Vespa and absolutely loving is this one.

It’s a light green pixie dust and it has a lovely glitter effect without being too annoying. In the light, it twinkles. I wasn’t sure that I would love this one since I’m much more partial to dark vibrant colors, but this one, is a nice light color that’s good for the summer to fall transition. I think it would also be a good color for Christmas if you don’t want to go that bright frosty green route.

The pixie dust line does have a bit of texture, but it’s not gritty or sandpaper like. It’s actually quite smooth for a glitter polish.  Zoya nail polishes usually last about a week and a half to two weeks on me, depending on what I’m doing. On my toes, Zoya nail polishes usually last about four weeks.

Removing the pixie dust does take a little bit of effort.  What I like to do is soak 2 cotton balls with nail polish remover, stick it on my fingers and let it sit for a minute. After that, it comes off pretty easily. Then I do it for the next finger. It takes about 4 cotton balls to get all 10 fingers clean.

I highly recommend this color.

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