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Week 25: The weight, the pain and the tooth

September 15th belly photo

I had my checkup last week and it was rather uneventful and a relatively short appointment. Waiting for my turn took longer than the actual appointment. I’m not sure why they were so late in their appointments since there hadn’t been an emergency, but I suppose certain mothers have more questions than others. I, apparently, don’t have any concerns or questions.

They took my weight, which was 162 pounds. I know that sounds like a lot, but since I started out at 155, I haven’t gained that much weight. I know 155 sounds like a huge number to some of you, but nobody could have said I was fat at 155, much less even a little bit plump. I wasn’t skinny either, but I’m sure if you asked someone I knew previously, he would have told you I was positively obese. This is why you don’t hang out with these people anymore. They don’t love you.

This is what 162 pounds of pregnant lady looks like. I’m 5’4″.

What 162 looks like while furniture shopping. No, I have not yet bought any maternity clothes yet!

I expect to be between 170 to 175 by the time I’m done.

Then they listened to the baby’s heartbeat and then measured my belly from the top of my crotch to the bottom of my breastbone. I suppose that’s a better way of checking to see you’re belly is getting bigger as opposed to measuring waist size, which could vary depending on how much weight one gains.

They gave me a list of things to watch out for, mostly it was any new pain in the abdomen, any bleeding, and if you don’t feel your baby anymore, you definitely need to go to the emergency room. Then there was a list of things to do, such as go take some classes. I have promptly misplaced this list of classes, but luckily, we are returning on the 24th for my glucose test and I’ll ask for that list again then.

I get to chug a bottle of the sweetest liquid ever, even worse than soda so they can test if I have diabetes. An hour later, I’ll have my blood drawn. I have to stay in the office to keep me in a controlled environment to make sure we don’t get a false positive. So I’ll let you know how that goes then, including what I need to do before going into the doctor’s office.

In the meantime, my leg pain comes and goes. It’s not a constant pain and it’s not even something I can say is caused by the way I sit or the way I walk. It’s like whenever it feels like it, that pain will just come out of nowhere and stop me in my tracks. I’m  pretty sure the baby is sitting on a nerve or something. I heard that it may get worse, so I’m preparing myself for that.

Now as for my tooth, the sensitivity there is now gone. Pretty much the nerve died and I don’t feel anything. It’s good in that it means that I can wait until the baby is born to get this crowned. The bad is that I have to be very careful to keep it clean and not get any cavities in it. I make sure to brush it very well and hope for the best.

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