Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Limpy Snaggletooth

After I’d broken my tooth at Longhorn, I immediately called my dentist and left a message. Since I wasn’t in terrible pain, it could wait until the morning. What I like about my dentist is that his office staff (which is all of one person) is really on top of things. She called me first thing when she got into the office and set up an appointment for me that morning.

The dentist looked at the tooth and was not happy about what I’d done. But luckily, it was a clean break. However, he didn’t fix it. He advised me to wait and see if the root dies. If it dies, then I’d need a root canal. If it doesn’t, then I need a crown. The thing is that I’m pregnant and he’s hesitant to do anything if he doesn’t have to. Besides the drugs that will be required, the insurance company will also require an x-ray and so it’s not without risk.

He advises that if we can wait until after the baby is born, we should do that. There is sensitivity in that tooth, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle. If I can deal with this pain, I may wait until after the baby is born to fix it. I may be a little paranoid with it all, but I’d prefer not to go through any risks if I don’t have to.  The tooth is rough and jagged, but it’s not cutting anything in my mouth. I’ll see if I can tough it out (assuming the root doesn’t die, then I’d have no choice.) I’ll know how the root is by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I’m limping. This has nothing to do with the tooth, but it sure is a coincidence! The spot where my leg meets my hip has a bit of pain. It’s not the joint. I think it’s the ligament. A search of the internet says that it’s rather common. It has to do with the ligaments loosening and the pelvis expanding so the baby can come out. The pain is intermittent, so I can handle that as well. It’s just surprising when it comes on all of a sudden when I’m walking or standing.

Despite all that, I am in good spirits and I’m still doing well. Hopefully nothing else bad happens in the meantime!

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Tags: broken, pain, pregnancy, tooth

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