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Cranky Ling

I hope you guys all had a wonderful Halloween. We spent it at home, where I was originally given the task of giving out Halloween candy.

At first everything was fine. A few children came dressed as princesses and ghouls. A set of children came up and stood by the door with their bags open. I stared at them for a few moments before I asked what they wanted. One of the kids finally realized that they wanted needed to say Trick Or Treat. And one of them even poked his head in the house and started looking around.

Really? Really? Seems to me Halloween is a great way to scout out people’s homes!! After that, I only opened the door enough for me chuck the candy at the kids.

Even with that little gap,I saw that some of the kids weren’t wearing costumes. I mean, come on, really? Work for the candy I’m giving you for free! And it’s nice candy! Not those cheap tootsie rolls. At least carry a stick and tell me you’re a student at Hogwarts. I don’t need much, you know? But I need something. It’s Halloween for crying out loud.

After I said that, Chris said that maybe he should take over the candy duties. I was just too crabby.

But then after that, it had gotten dark and our porch light had gone out. This usually means that there’s no candy in the house, so no more people came after that. Which means that we have a huge amount of candy to go through. But luckily, we bought candy that we would eat, so it’s not a big loss. But it will be for my waistline.

How was your Halloween?

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