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I saw No Vampires: Santa Monica

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On Sunday we drove down to Santa Monica where we walked down the boardwalk and just around town. It was daytime though, so we didn’t expect to find any vampires. The boardwalk reminded me a lot of the Santa Cruz boardwalk, which I haven’t been for over twenty years by now. There were rides and a couple of touristy stores. And the food was what you’d expect, fried everything and none of it looked appetizing. We didn’t order any of the boardwalk food, of course. We weren’t that touristy!

There was a crazy guy on a tricycle just shouting as he rode down the street and Jenn mentioned something about how there were a lot of unique characters around town. Somehow Santa Monica was the place where they gathered. I figured that there was a field of some sort that drew them there. Like a Hellmouth, but you know, for crazy people.

We went in to a store because there was some furniture Jenn was looking to buy, but as with any couch, you had sit on it to see if it was any good. We also went to the mall across from our hotel on Friday to sit on some couches as well. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy shopping for couches and recliners and such. It’s an excuse to sit on everything! On one of our excursions, we tried out some recliners. The Hubs sat on some, but we decided that they just wouldn’t be for us. We would never get one simply based on The Hubs’ height. When the leg rest part came up for reclining, it only hit The Hubs around the knees.

I wanted to take The Hubs to an REI so he can see it. I have no idea why. I used to go there all the time and I bought all sorts of stuff from there. But since I no longer camp and it never snows, there was really no need for me to buy clothes from there. It was like the most awesome place ever. But I think he would have been, I don’t understand all the fuss! But alas, we didn’t have time. We had to go get lunch because we had plans to see a movie.

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