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More than Waffles to Start the Day

This week is going to be all about my visit to Southern California where The Hubs and I spent the weekend with Jenn Reese and Chris East. They were kind enough to show us around their wonderful city and taking us to all the wonderful eating establishments. I hadn’t gone there with anything to do in mind.

I just wanted to hang out, really, and have a relaxing time. Previous to the visit, I had been working at my work’s annual expo. They were long days, breakfast with clients at 8, teaching classes during the day, dinner with clients afterwards. The days were as long as 14 hours. And I knew that our friends were also busy prior to the visit, so I didn’t want anything too strenuous to tire anyone out.

On Saturday, Jenn and Chris picked us up at our hotel and off we went to the first of many eating establishments, More than Waffles. (Jenn and Chris were kind enough to drive us everywhere, including picking us up at Laguna (which is kinda far from where she lives) and dropping us off at the airport! Yaaay Jenn!) There was a little bit of a wait when we got there, but I figured there would be. There is always a wait for weekend breakfast/brunch. There was a lovely bustling courtyard where there was a man playing a piano and singing. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t too hot (last year when we visited, it was sweltering, and the year before that was freezing!). I think we only waited about fifteen minutes before we were seated. We had chosen to sit indoors.

More than Waffles reminds me of an old comfortable home. The walls had that flowery wallpaper we always associate with grandmothers and the furniture was a well used country farmhouse style. I don’t know about you, but I always think dining tables and writing tables should have some dings to them. Furniture should be used, not put up for display. And when something is well used, they have this patina to them that makes them unique.

They have a ton of stuff on their menu from pancakes to waffles to crepes! I got the Ika’s crepe. I love crepes, and I haven’t had one in a while. There isn’t a good crepe place near here. Toojays has a cheese blintz, but I really do shy away from eating so much cheese these days. And we haven’t gone to Toojays in quite some time. Ika’s crepe had spinach and turkey sausage, which was totally what I was having a hankering for. I was also under the impression that I should eat a little bit healthy having eaten meat, meat and more meat during the work expo.

The Hubs had the decadent bacon and cheese waffle! You could be even more decadent by getting ice cream with your waffle, but I didn’t feel that was right. I mean, we’re told all the time we can’t have ice cream for breakfast, but that didn’t stop some of the people at the restaurant. And the ice cream scoop looked huge!

Ika’s crepe is about the size of a Chipotle burrito, which is to say that it was a huge portion. And needless to say, I over-ate. I have no self control. The Hubs loved his waffle, I mean, who wouldn’t? Cheese and bacon INSIDE the waffle? He still talks about it. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything nearly that good around here. We do have breakfast places, but we don’t have anything nearly resembling that. Hopefully we can go back again.

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