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Angry Birds Are kind of scary

As Chris and I were returning home from grocery shopping, I saw something fly into the bush beside the car. I hadn’t really thought much about it. Having lived here for five years, I’ve learned to ignore anything that I see in my peripheral vision that scuttles or flies. If I jumped at every little thing, I’d always be on alert. There are so many frogs and lizards where I live along with tons of dragonflies and (certain times of the year) love bugs that there is always something moving.

So when I saw something fly into the bush, I didn’t really think anything about it. It was, unfortunately, a big mistake.

Inside this bush was a bird’s nest and the adult birds were defending their territory. There’s nothing worse than feeling the brush of bird wing against your face to get you running. Visions of Alfred Hitchcocks’s Birds came to mind and I had no intention of being pecked to death by a fist sized bird!

My best bet was to try to make a run for it with my groceries. My strategy was to duck and weave! But the bird did not attack us further. I think the squealing and running convinced the bird that I was no threat.

We managed to bring in all the groceries without receiving permanent damage.

And of course, I had to go take a photo, but I had to be careful. That bird was totally watching me again and I had to be quick or it would attack me again. I had no doubt.

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