Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Birthday Lunch

As some of you know, my birthday was last Tuesday. For lunch, Chris took me out to Season’s 52, which we hardly ever go. First of all, they’re on SandLake Road, which gets hella busy on the weekends and second of all, they’re kind of far from us. The last time I think we were there was Christmas 2009. Their menu changes each season (winter, summer, spring, fall) and they boast that their items are no more then 450 calories each, which Jenn and Sarah kind of laughed at. Apparently, that’s a lot of calories for a meal!

Most people aren’t that health conscious here. I mean, they’re circling the drain already, why bother, right? Go down eating greasy fatty foods! It probably explains why I have gained weight since I moved to Florida, but whatever. I’d rather be fat and happy than skinny and angry. I like food. Give me food!

We started off with the tortilla soup.

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It was good, but I felt like I’ve had this somewhere else before. I don’t remember where. It’s a nice light flavor that’s not too salty (which I find a lot of soups here are. Like drinking from the ocean.)

Then we had the garlic chicken flatbread:

Which was not the best idea as I already had the soup and was getting a little bit full, but it was my birthday, so we were splurging.

For the main meal, we had the buffalo burger. It was yummy and the perfect size for lunch (if I didn’t already gorge on the soup and flatbread). By the time I was done, I was feeling like a real fatty, but that didn’t stop me from having dessert. You can always make room for dessert.

Chris had the peanut butter and chocolate one and I had the rocky road one (no nuts). They were delicious.

I’d suggest going there if you’re around here. It’s got a quiet atmosphere and the food is good. But if you go on the weekdays, I’d call ahead first. One time we called and they said it was singles night. Yeah, no. We skipped it then.

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