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E-Reader and makeup

So it’s been forever since I posted and I feel like I should let you know the update on the e-reader.

I talked to Chris’ dad and he’s not really all that happy about e-book only editions. He’s old school. I mean, he’s like Gibbs on NCIS. A phone is used for calling people. That’s what it does!

There are plenty of other authors that have traditional books that he likes to read. So he’s sticking to those.

In other news, I’ve been following a couple of beauty gurus on youtube. For those who don’t care about such things, you can probably just skip this whole rest of the entry. I love make-up and every once in a while, I will buy a whole bunch of new lipstick shades and eye shadows because they’re always coming out with new colors and also because I like change.

I’m really into gold colored eye shadows right now and I’ve got like 3 shades of gold and they’re all completely different. I also like a pinky-reddish raspberry color as well. I took some photos, but I look the same regardless of what colors I use since I don’t wear my eye shadow that far up my eye lid. I feel a lot like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show when I do.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Brown eye shadow vs. pink eye shadow. Can’t really see a diff, can you?

That’s because I have a hooded mono-lid, one of which has a fold and the other doesn’t, so I have to put make-up on differently for each eye. And because we have the power of youtube, I’ve found a lot of asian women who show us how they do their makeup. Two of the one’s that I like are Jen and Holly Ann. Their aesthetic is a lot closer to mine, but they buy a lot more accessories than I do. They also do a lot of product reviews, which I like watching even though I don’t buy anything that they review. Both of these girls talk relatively fast. There’s not a lot of ummss and uhhhs in their videos. They’re right to the point. I stop a lot of youtube videos or fast forward a lot of them because some of them talk so slowly. They’re like turtles.

Unfortunately for me, I am several shades darker than they are. In MAC make-up terms, they’re NC30 and I’m NC37 during the winter and NC40 during the summer. So colors that look great on them, sometimes don’t look so great on me. For instance, lipstick colors. What looks great and pink and natural on them, unfortunately makes me look like I’m wearing too light a lip color.

But there are a lot more make-up whores out there than me and I discovered make up and beauty blog whose complexion is the same as mine. She’s great in that she manages to get a lot of different makeup brands and puts them on her face. I can see which colors I like before I even go to the store. I also love this other girl named Samantha. She’s doesn’t do a lot of make-up tutorials, but she’s got a style aesthetic that I like and her skin tone is also the same as me (though she definitely likes a lighter lip than I do. She’s younger, so she can get away with it.) Plus, she’s british and has a really cute accent.

And because I can, here’s my eyeshadow for Saturday night:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Makeup Forever (MUFE for short) star powder in #3 (honey gold), Mac Cosmetics eyeshadow in woodwinked. I know people sometimes describe their eye shadow colors as whore-y, but some people also have no sense of adventure. Urban Decay eyeshadow in Hustle (which I have as part of the Naked Palette) And I use Bobbi Brown gel eye liner in black because it’s one of the few liners that don’t smudge on me. I know everybody LOVES the urban decay 24/7 eyeliner, but I find that it smudges. A lot. The other one that doesn’t smudge is smashbox jetset liner, but it dries HELLA FAST. I use them both on my tight line and my water line and I have no problems with either.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
This is what it looks like open. I think I’m also wearing Mac’s ricepaper on the inner corners.

I also use shiseido’s mascara primer and Mac’s plush lash mascara (although I don’t love it, I got it as a two-fer at Nordstroms when they were having a sale. The brush is too big for my little lashes). I normally prefer Lancome’s Definicils, but they’re expensive and I’m looking for alternatives. My problem is that because of the way my eyes are, mascara and eyeliner smudge like the dickens and I live in Florida, which is humid, which compounds the problem. I used to love Shiseido’s mascara, but they changed their formula or something. It’s not as nice. And the lashes are Ardell Demi Pixies which are a little too dramatic for everyday wear, so normally, I wear the Ardell Babies when I feel like lashes. Most of the time I don’t, which is why the photos of my eyes look different above. The left one has no false lashes.

And yeah, I’m a girlie girl. I doubt most of you care about this stuff though, so you don’t have to worry about more of these types of posts.

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