Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

A nice day for rocking

The weather has been fairly lovely recently and I wanted to take advantage of it. Most days, it’s super hot or it’s raining, so I can’t sit out in the lanai that I have. The lanai is just a screened in patio that’s really common in Florida.

We’ve been at this townhouse for several years now, but the only thing that I bought for the lanai was an outdoor rocking chair (which I’m sitting on now.) It was totally covered in pollen and dust since I haven’t looked at it since last spring. I brought out an oversized beach towel to cover it for now. I need to buy a hose so I can clean it off.

But since the weather’s been so nice, I decided to buy a table so I can work out here. Chris says that my mood will be better if I’m outside more with fresh air. He says that I get antsy if I’m inside too much. So here’s the little table Chris bought for me at Target. It was on sale for $26.

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I just wish the scenery was better. I get to look at the big community yard and other people’s lanais. Hey, it’s better than the view of the community garbage dump.

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