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Poets and Busboys

The thing about writing these things months later is that sometimes you don’t remember what it was that you did. Luckily, I had taken some photos and this is good enough to jumpstart my memory.

Another place that Triple J had taken us to was Poets and Busboys.

The website says that it’s a gathering place for artists, activists, writers, thinkers and dreamers. It has that bohemian feel that you would expect from an artsy place. I’m always a little bit jaded when a place like this claims to be free-thinking, eco-friendly, fair trade types. I always feel like there’s a gimmick, the products are always of low quality and the prices are always ten times more than it should be. The commerciality of it all disturbs me. And maybe I feel like these places try too hard and aren’t really genuine.

But this place didn’t really feel that way for me. Maybe I wasn’t really paying that much attention to it. Or maybe I didn’t care since the food was good. Chris had pan fried chicken, which he enjoyed immensely. I had a fancy salad, which I also enjoyed. But I think what really got me was this hot chocolate.

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I’m used to the Starbucks hot chocolate. The one thing seriously lacking in Florida is a really good cafe. I don’t drink coffee so everything is based on the hot chocolates. Starbucks has the best around here. Borders is also good. It’s because they make it with chocolate. Everyone else is made out of powder, and forget getting hot chocolate from any of the resorts. That’s all made out of hot water.

This hot chocolate from Busboys and poets was just delicious. I’m pretty sure I made disgusting snorting sounds as I sucked that thing down. The only problem with it was that the glass was too small. I wanted more of it. I think if this restaurant were around here, I’d just go for the hot chocolate. And I’d also be several pounds heavier from getting one, maybe two every day.

We will have to return there when we go back to DC. And yes, all my conditions for visiting Triple J revolve around the restaurants I want to go to. I like to eat!

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