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It’s Been Hard Times

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Amongst the many things we did while visiting Triple J was eat. We had gone to a place called Hard Times Cafe last year and I wanted to go back. It was one of my conditions for visiting (I have many conditions for visiting!)

If you’ve never been there before (or even if you had), they offer you a little sampler platter so you know which chilli to get.

You could get the terlingua:

The Cincinnati:

Or the Texas:

I asked Joanne which one she liked and she said she mixed two of them. Mixing!?We nobody said I could mix them! So I followed her suggestion and asked for terlingua mixed with Cincinnati. It was delicious! And then you could add whatever toppings you wanted. I opted for tomatoes and onions with cheese.

I think that if there was a Hard Times near me, I would be a chili fiend and possibly a little overweight. They also had really great corn bread. Did you know I love a good corn bread? Dip that into the chili and it was heaven.

Now I have a craving for some chili. Joanne! Send me some!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Our gracious host chowing down on their own bowls of chili.

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