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Simply Yogurt: yet another dessert review

We have to end the week with something sweet and yummy.

Across the street from Waterford Lakes is a yogurt place called Simply Yogurt. It’s a cute little place with Ikeafurniture. They have a big screen tv that usually plays g rated files. I’ve seen Lemony Snicket, Bolt, The Shrek movies, Alice and several others. They are always child friendly,bso you never have to worry about what’s playing there.

Simply Yogurt is one of those places that allow you to make your own. There are several flavors of yogurt including cake batter, cheesecake, taro, and several others. If you dont know which flavor to get, don’t worry! They have small sampler cups you can use to decide which flavors you’d like to have, I usually get only one flavor, but you can get all the flavors if you want! They have both non-fat and non-dairy flavors. However, there is usually one flavor that is non-dairy and that’s the one that I get.

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This flavor is called orange burst and I like to put mandarine orange slices and longans in it. They also have Jack fruit and lychee!

This one is the one Chris made. It’s cake batter and red velvet. He’s put peanut butter cups, butterfinger, poundcake, M&M’s and Ghirardelli caramel sauce.

It may look like we didn’t get very much in those cups, but those are big cups. We only got enough to eat and not to take home. You pay by the ounce and we usually get about $6 worth together.

They are a little pricier than Sweet by Miss Holly(by ten cents an ounce, but if you look carefully, that’s an intro offer. It may go up at some point), but we like Simply Yogurt better because the ingredients seem fresher. There are more fruit options at Simply Yogurt and the ingredients seem to be higher quality. Simply Yogurt has Ghirardelli chocolate yogurt as well as chocolate, caramel and something else I can’t remember. Sweet by Miss Holly has Hershey’s syrup that you buy at the grocery store. Plus, there is a place to eat. Sweet by Miss Holly removed half their seating when they installed the frozen yogurt machines. The other half of the seating is usually used up for storage. We took a friend there who usually goes to Sweet by Miss Holly and she too decided that Simply Yogurt is better. It’s totally worth the extra 10 cents an ounce!!

If you’re ever in the Waterford Lakes shopping area, take the time to go across the street to the other plaza were Staples and Sports Authority reside. Take a gander inside and try out some yogurt. You won’t regret it.

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