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Anmol:Another restaurant review

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tandoori chicken

I think I’m going to call this week food week. Today, we are going to talk about Anmol an Indian restaurant we found via urban spoon. The reviews said that it was good and 83% of the reviewers liked it. I think that’s a goodly amount of people.

So one evening we decided to head out there. The restaurant is in a plaza across the street from U.C.F. I call it the U.C.F. Food court because in the same plaza is a sushi place, Thai, Jamaican, pizza, a fancy sandwich shop,vietnamese, McDonald’s, and about half a dozen bars.

Anmol is a mom and pop shop which I totally like. Orlando is,unfortunately, full of franchises that are not very good. So it was good to see a place who’s recipe wasn’t developed in some kitchen and taste tested by people who’s idea of flavor is a fistful of salt. It’s not a fancy place. You won’t see waiters with tuxes and a pristine white towel delicately laid over his arm. What you will see is a hard working family. Usually, You’ll see Mom or Dad, sometimes the son and an uncle or two.

We’ve been there several times and we have never been disappointed. (I’m sorry I keep forgetting to take pictures.) Our favorites are the tikka masala and vindaloo. I also like ordering a full chicken tandoori because I like leftovers. And their garlic naan is good for dipping in tai sauces.

One thing I would caution people about is that the spiciness changes from day to day. They use actual peppers and in nature those vary from plant to plant. Chris and I usually order everything medium spicy, but on certain days it is clearly hot spiciness. It will make your nose run.

Chris tells me that I should enjoy this as much as I can now. We discovered the restaurant during Summer vacation. Once school starts again, it may get too busy. We may not be able to find parking. I told him, I’d shank someone for a spot.

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