Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Insomnia gets crafty

I can’t sleep, So I surfed the internet. I discover that Scotch Brite brand sponges are conductive. I looked in our supplies and found some unused ones. I busted it out of its packaging to find out it it’s true. Or, like many things on the internet, full of lies. Turns out it’s totally true.

So I cut myself a hunk off the sponge and attached it to pogo.

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It’s hella ugly. But you know what? It is totally way better than conductive foam. I don’t need to press hard at all. The thing is though, don’t wash it before you put it together. I mean, you could, but my sponge always gets hella hard when it dries. Noe if you know a way to wash it without getting hard and dense, let me know. Otherwise, don’t wash it first.

I thought that it needed to be wet because water is conductive, but no. My sponge is dry and it works. I wouldn’t try a wet one on here!!

I used craft wire to secure it. I had some from making jewelry.

Tomorrow, l will try Jerry rigging this to a real pen.

I saw something on the net that looks real easy to do. I just need to find me a drafting pencil.

I’m going to try to sleep now. Wish me luck!

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