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Skype Baby!

I finally bought a webcam! I wanted to see more of the nephew and this is the best way to do it. The funny thing is that my brother hasn’t set up his camera yet, the slacker. I did, however, manage to Skype Joanne and Emily!

I MMSed Joanne to chat with me so I could test out the camera. It’s an HD webcam, which meant that she was able to get a real good look at me. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a camera, so I didn’t have anything to look at. She was able to see me though and I was able to show her the new gadgets that I bought. And then we talked about steampunk and was able to share links through the Skype application. Our husbands chatted with each other for a bit (about Starcracft 2), and them we took the conversation back. We chatted for about an hour before we had to log off. It was after 10 after all.

And in the morning, I chatted with Emily. She’s all the way in England!! We had technical difficulties for a bit. My web connection was a little bit slow. With camera and voice over the web, I couldn’t hear very well. Things were cutting out. But eventually, it stabilized and we were both able to see each other. I showed her my office and my fish tanks and she showed me her baby, who was taking a nap. He’s so cute.

I haven’t seen her since the wedding, which was about 2 years ago! She looks the same. Motherhood hasn’t aged her one bit. (Which is to say that motherhood agrees with her. Motherhood as aged a few of my other friends, however, but we won’t name names and you don’t know them anyway.) We chatted for about 45 minutes, but I had to cut it short because I had to get to work. So sad. Since we’re in such different time zones, it makes it difficult to catch her. I actually talked to her right after I got out of bed. I had my glasses on! But I’ve roomed with Emily a bunch before. She knows what I look like au natural! She wasn’t frightened by what she saw.

Now if only my brother would set up his camera!!

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