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Friday Five: Favorite Drink And other updates

I’m doing fairly well on this blog posting thing this month, don’t you think? Sixteen out of the twenty-two days isn’t bad not including weekends.

Anyway, here’s a friday five for you on a saturday. You know I never do these on the appropriate days.

What is your favorite drink of all time? Does it hold a special memory to you or is it just because it tastes good?

My favorite drink, I’d have to say is an Arnold Palmer. Some people call it by different names, but what it comes down to is half lemonade and half iced tea. It’s called an Arnold Palmer because he supposedly invented it.

I also remember a trip I went on with my Man-of-Honor to St. Martin where I ordered it at a restaurant. The waiter asked me if I wanted a water hazard with that and I said I didn’t know what that was. Well he explained that it was a shot of vodka along with the drink. I said I’d never heard of that, but he said that it was a true thing and that AP himself asks for this himself. I said hey why not and just shot the vodka before I had any food.

Now that I think about it, that waiter was probably trying to get me to buy alcohol. A google search shows me nothing about AP’s request for a water hazard of any kind. And we all know that if it’s not on google it doesn’t exist or it’s not true.

Coincidentally, my brother also likes this drink.

Tea or coffee or hot cocoa?
I will drink tea and hot cocoa, but not coffee. I think coffee has that bitter taste and it’s just not for me. I prefer the plain green tea over anything else, though I do like jasmine and oolong, mostly because that’s what my mother drinks. She always orders jasmine tea dim sum places. She did chrysanthemum tea once. I think we all vetoed that one since we never ordered that again. And I think my mom drinks like fifteen cups of oolong a day.

And you definitely can’t go wrong with a hot cocoa on a cold day, but only the ones made with real milk and chocolate and never those instant mix ones. Those just taste like water and sugar. They’re also good for a quick chocolate fix.

I don’t order hot cocoa as much as I used to because I either need low fat or soy milk and a lot of places don’t have those. Whole milk gives me a tummy ache, which leads to other things. I can’t tell you about the other things because I’ll lose sparkle points. Chris jokes that I’m at negative sparkle points and I’ll never be able to climb out into the positive world of sparkle points.

Best summer time drink?. Arnold Palmer. Duh.

Worst soda brand ever?
I haven’t drunk soda in a really long time. But at Epcot, there’s a soda place that has different soda flavors from all over the world and one of them definitely tasted like puke. But I tried that like three years ago, so I can’t remember the flavor or the country it came from. Also the place with all the soda always has sticky floors, so don’t wear your good shoes in there. Someone will definitely spill soda on them.

Water: flavored, bottled, carbonated, or regular old tap?
We drink bottled water in Florida. The stuff that comes out of the tap is like 50% chlorine. They say it’s because some of the water comes from aquifers that are loaded with sulfur and it’s to keep the water from smelling (and tasting) like your farts.

It’s not so bad when you boil it, but I don’t have the mental capacity to think that far ahead about water.

At my parent’s house, they boil all their water. They come from a country where drinking from the tap may not be the safest thing to do, so they boil everything. It’s easy for them since they have this thing that boils water all day long. Remember my mom drinks a ton of tea? They just pour out the boiled water each night and let it cool overnight. I’m not that industrious.

What about you?

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