Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

Needle Poking

Last week, Joanne came down for a lovely visit. While she was down here, I asked her if she had her acupuncture needles. My neck, you see, has been very tight lately. The tightness in the neck can lead to a headache, you see. And I was having headaches.

So we sat down on my couch and she poked me a whole bunch.

The little silver things are the ends of the needles. The skin is turning read around the needle site because I have too much Chi there.


She placed the needles where I felt the tightness in my muscles. Yes, that means that there are some needles in the base of my head. Oh yes.

When the needles went into the skin, it was nothing more than a little prick. It startled me at first because I didn’t know if it would hurt or what. But after knowing what to expect, it was fine. It wasn’t worse than the bully that used to pinch you constantly in elementary school. That hurt way worse than this.

And she put one in my hand. There’s an acupuncture point there that helps with the neck or maybe the head. I can’t remember. For about half an hour, I had the needles in and I felt much better after that. Unfortunately, the tightness is back. So I need to do it again, but she’s already returned to DC!

I’ll just have to live with the pain until I see her again.

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