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Feed Me, Seymour

This is a sundew. I don’t know what kind of sundew since none of the photos look like mine!

I’m trying not to allow six weeks to two months between entries. What am I doing that I can’t update you guys at least once a week? I can do once a week, don’t you think? It feels like deja vu. I must have said this before. I can’t remember. I’m blaming this on…oh yeah, you guessed it, getting older.

If you remember, for my birthday, Chris took me to Epcot and we did the Behind the Seeds tour. One of the things that they do at Epcot is grow plants by cutting off a leaf and growing that into a new plant rather than growing things from seeds. And they had these items for sale. One of the things was a sundew, which is a carnivorous plant.

I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea. I may be fantastic at underwater plants, but I suck at any plants above water. I mean, I once killed a cactus…by overwatering it. Carnivorous plants are, of course, one of the harder plants to keep. So why not try to grow it? Why not? It’s not like I’m going to kill it….

So this sundew came in this jar that was hermetically sealed.

There was a label that said do not open until ready. But it came with no other instructions besides that. I had asked the sales person how long it would be before I had to replant it and she said a long time. well, a long time turned out to be like two months because the nutrient gel that it was in turned to liquid and I wasn’t so sure it continue to survive. So I bought some peat moss (which is harder than you think. Both Home Depot and Lowes sold them in 3 cubic feet bags or larger. Seriously? I just need like a cup. What am I going to do with 3 cubic feet? It’s not like I have a backyard I could just dump this to! So I bought it online. 10 quarts for the same amount of money as the 3 cubic feet. But the 10 quarts I can keep the remainder under the sink.)

So anyway, the roots of the plant was turning dark and the nutrient gel was kind of watery. I figured it was time to replant. But I couldn’t find any small pots (or rather, I didn’t try very hard). The plant is like the size of a quarter and the roots didn’t seem deep, so I just cut up a couple of water bottles (I’m recycling!), and made myself a water bottle terrarium.

There is enough humidity in the bottle to keep it happy, so we’ll see if it’ll start to grow. I think maybe I need to feed it. I’ve heard people using milk powder. Others have tried crushed, dried bloodworms. There is, of course, bugs *shivers*.

How long do you think it’s big enough to ask me to feed it people? My neighbors have little kids I could snatch. But the big people. They’ll be harder to lure in.

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