Samantha Ling (lingtm) wrote,
Samantha Ling

I was funnier 4 years ago

I was going through some of my old blog entires. Usually I don’t go back and read them because it was my life. I lived it. I should remember it, right?

Well, I didn’t. Somewhere along the way, I have forgotten a lot of things. I blame getting old. I’m going to blame a lot of things on getting old, I can tell.

So you guys know that about 5 years ago, I stopped blogging (or what was then considered online journaling), and 4 years ago, I returned to it. While I was reading those entries, I totally didn’t remember some of the things that happened and also, I was much more interesting and funnier back in the day. (which meant back in 2006. Entries in 2004 and earlier are hidden away somewhere in some dusty old CD that may or may not still work. I never bothered to convert the files for WordPress. And then I realized I started blogging in 1999. WTF, it’s been 11 years! And I think that I should have something totally profound to say about those 11 years except all I can think of is that 1999 was 11 years ago!!)

Ok, back to my 2006 entries. I’m thinking I was way funnier and much more entertaining back then and I wondered what the hell happened? Did I get old and boring? Does getting old mean boring? And then I realized that I wasn’t working back in 2006. I was unemployed for about a year before I found my current job (which means that I’ve been at this job for 3 years now.). And that this job requires more of my brain during the day (unlike the editorial assistant position I had before). And so I’m thinking that this has something to do with it. And that maybe my life did get boring after that because I rarely talk about work. And my life has become about work. Ok, not really, but work has been hectic lately. And now that it’s slowed waay the hell down, I don’t know what to do. I feel like I should be working.

Like all the time.

And I need to get some work because I need billable hours. There’s a quota I have a meet every month. And currently, I am not meeting it because I don’t have anything to do. Which is why I’m learning ASP.NET and C# and AJAX and most likely jscript. It’s a lot of languages that I’m learning on my downtime. I gotta do something to keep the money flowing.

I’ve got mouths to feed. I’ve got bills to pay. Money don’t grow on trees! (That’s from a song….from Borderlands the game! Of which I really enjoy playing the hunter. I like give my enemies the bird.)

Where am I going with this? Oh yes, I was much funnier back then. And I’m wondering, do you think I’m still funny? Or am I like totally boring?

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