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Star Wars Weekends

During the summer weekends, Disney Hollywood Studios has Star Wars weekends. It only runs for about one month, starting the end of May to the middle of June. They said that they’d have special merchandise just for these events. And since my brother is a huge Star Wars fan, I went to take a look.

Upon arrival, the park didn’t look any different than every other day. You don’t really notice that it’s a special event until you go further back into the park where the Star Wars ride is. Roaming about were a dozen storm troopers.

And of course, I needed to take a photo with them.

I hurried because there were like 9 people waiting for a photo too. It’s not the most creative photo. And I feel this way because as we were walking away, these two storm troopers were posing with a ten-year-old kid. His dad had bought him a storm trooper gun, and the three of them were pointing their guns at the dad. Now THAT is a photo. I would have tried to snap a photo, but I’m not fond of taking photos of children I don’t know and posting them on the web.

You could also take a photo with Darth Vader. Since there is always only one Darth Vader roaming the park, there was a heinous line, one in which I did not stand in. Instead, I went into the specialty store, of which there is also a line to get into. Fortunately for me, there was none. The specialty items that they had were a lot of little pins ranging from $12-15, specialty prints, a throw-rug, and some shirts. Of course, they had a few limited edition items that cost a fortune. There was a painting of Chewbacca in the snow that was really appealing, but I was not about to shell out $1k for a limited print run. I don’t like Chewbacca that much.

Since I was a passholder, I was able to buy this special pin for $13. It’s Han Solo encased in carbonite and is only about 3 inches tall. I’m giving it to my brother since it’s a collector’s item. And luckily for me, the Star Wars store is a Disney store, so I got a discount on the merchandise.

I didn’t find the Star Wars weekend to be particularly fabulous. But then again, I did skip seeing Billy Dee Williams. That is probably where all the action was.

And of course, we stood in line for the Toy Story ride. It only took about 45 minutes to get through the line even though the sign said an hour and a half.

And I was also the high scorer on my ride. Oh yes. I’m a geek.

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